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The Important Stuff

GDPR - How I hold your personal information.

GDPR is an EU regulation that gives you stronger controls over your data and entitles you to be clearly informed on how it is stored and used.

I am registered with Information Commissioners Office (ICO) which means I am required to advise you of what data I collect, and how I intend to store it safely, and under what circumstances I am obliged to share it. 

If you chose to email me with an enquiry, the information you provide is sent to a secure, password protected account which can only be accessed by myself.

At the first session together I will talk through the counselling contract with you and ask you to sign the contract which shows that you are agreed to the way that I work and how I store your personal information.

You are entitled to copies of any information that I hold on you, this will need to be put in writing to myself and I will then have one month to present the information to you.

Any paper notes or information that I hold on you is kept in a secure lock box with no access to anyone else, or is held on my laptop in a password protected file.

I adhere to the Data Protection Act (1998) and I am registered with the ICO

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